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Welcome to our corporate website!
Invitation of General Director
Dear friends,
My name is Volodymir Lebedynskiy, since almost 20 years I’m a general director of the company “Manometr-Kharkiv”, which is the leading pressure transmitter manufacturer in Ukraine.
Very narrow specialization of our enterprise (development and production of pressure transmitters), high technical characteristics of our product, availability of the full production processes for all transmitter components, our attentive work with customers, the support of the product during its whole lifetime – these are the factors, which make it possible for us to concur with world leaders on Ukrainian market.
A deep knowledge of the product and ownership of the whole technology process gives us the possibility to solve all possible tasks in pressure measurement in the range of 40 Pa ... 100 MPa, temperature (-40...+80) °C under the impact of different outer factors like vibration, humidity, ionizing radiation etc.
High reliability of our products is confirmed by many years of exploitation in very difficult technological processes, including nuclear power.
We hope to be useful for you!
Volodymir Lebedynskiy
Currently most pages are in Russian, full English version will be available shortly.
Right now you may view and download Product Catalogue and User Manuals
Other documents are available on request. Please Contact Us for more information concerning Usage, Qualification, Installation, and Maintenance of our Products.



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